martedì 8 novembre 2011


Something about me...
Hello, my name is Sara.
I live in Fano in the province of Pesaro-Urbino with my husband Marco and once my cat Gioacchino.
I work in Pesaro, in the public library called Biblioteca San Giovanni. 
I love cats.
I've always had a passion for fabrics, beads, buttons because my mother has always been a seamstress.
For over a year I started to dedicate myself to create objects using primarily materials that I accumulate in the house.
On the Internet there are always new ideas and I can not resist the put to the test every time when a project interests me. I like to browse the work of others.
I hope you can enjoy my creations.
Implement them allows me to disconnect from work and relax.
In short, this is me:

Welcome to my blog Hangers by Sara P. 
in italian  Le grucce di Sara P.

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